Geordie Bees

The ‘Geordie Bees’

gb_squareOne day, somebody gave the Vicar a mad idea. Why not have bees on the church roof?

In the Summer of 2013 the first colony of bees were installed on the roof – the culmination of a project that involved many members of the church community, including Mike who built the hives, and Sheila, Sarah and Tony who went on bee-keeping courses to learn the craft.

DSCF4059Meanwhile, the grounds around the church have undergone significant re-landscaping. Trees have been pruned, and the untidy shrubbery cleared to open up the sight-lines and allow for new bee-friendly planting, including spring bulbs and a ‘medieval herb garden’.

Grainger Street Honey!

honey potsOf course, the best thing about bees is their honey, and our ‘Grainger Street Honey’ is absolutely delicious!

Follow these links for pictures of ‘Bees on the Roof’, a video of a hive inspection, and a great feature article in Living North.

Short video of the bees flying in and out of the hive

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