St John’s Apothecary

St John’s Apothecary

St John’s Apothecary uses plants and herbs from our Herb Garden. All our products are carefully planted, tenderly nurtured and lovingly handcrafted… especially for you.

St John’s Apothecary Products

  • Use natural ingredients as far as possible. We take our home-grown herbs and flowers to create herbal infusions and blend them with natural oils, essential oils, Geordie Bees Honeycomb.
  • Do NOT contain Parabens, SLS, Artificial Colours, Fragrances, Harsh Preservatives or additives
    Base ingredients are sourced from the highest quality, ethical fair trade producers and are organic as far as possible
  • Are suitable for vegans except where beeswax and honey has been included.
  • As our products do not contain artificial preservatives or artificial additives, we advise that you store them in a cool place away from sunlight. They may be refrigerated. We have especially create small sized glass jars for you and recommend that you use our products within 6 to 8 weeks of opening when they are at their best.

All profits from the sales of our products go towards supporting the work of St John’s Church: an oasis of peace in the busy city centre and a place of sanctuary and support for those in need.

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